You're originally from Texas, but where are you living these days?
I'm staying in Long Beach.

Do you like it better than Texas?
No way, its way too fast paced out here, but as far as skating goes it's where I need to be. There are more spots and filmers/photographers out here. So I'll stick it out for the time being. Ha.

You have to stay as productive as possible these days, especially with skateboarding. What is your least favorite skateboarding trend?
I don't like the "straight to the Internet" videos. The footage and skaters are always rad, but I personally like a DVD or VHS. Plus I feel like its making kids now a days have a short attention span with all the footage that is constantly being thrown at them. It sucks because the videos are so good but just slip between the cracks so fast because a week later another video part comes out.

Although we run a website over here, I can concur with that! Speaking of keeping up with the times, what influenced you to change all of your sponsors?
I was just ready for something different I guess. I'm way happier where I'm at now!

That’s good to hear, man! You have to stay smiling! Congratulations on the new pro-model board with BLIND. Who came up with your first graphic for BLIND?
Honestly I'm not too sure. It happened so fast.

What's it like riding for BLIND and hanging out with [Kevin] Romars Afro?
It's awesome! I'm so stoked to be a part of such an amazing company. Everyone at blind is super sick! Kevin is super rad, and a really down to earth dude. It's sick skating with him, he has a really good nonchalant style.

Have you seen Bill Weiss do the infamous naked 540 live?
I haven't seen any naked 540's yet. I hope I get to! I've asked Weiss about it but I'm not sure what it takes for him to bust one out. Haha.

Did Bill Weiss have any sort of weird initiation for getting on BLIND like "First you have to do a trick naked before you get your name on a BLIND board"?
Haha, Na. A few people have asked similar questions, "did you have to do a naked nollie bigspin". Haha. No naked tricks for me. I don't think I'm as confident as Weiss. Ha.

How much time did you have to film for the BLIND video “DAMN”?
About 4 months. It was pretty stressful because I was also filming for the Xgames real street part. So I had to just film as much as possible then decide what footage went to which part.

Damn! Four months to film a part !? Even a year is a short amount of time. Looks like you're capable of keeping up with the internet! Are you currently working on any projects?
Yeah, I'm about to go on a tour with Vox to Canada and a few other states in the U.S. Also I just had a mini ramp built in my back yard in Texas so I'm really looking forward to getting back and skating that thing!

Are you going to be working with Vox on a pro model shoe?
Yeah, it's rad. I'm designing a shoe with Alfonso Rawls [made the DC Lynx]. I'm trying to make this shoe stand out from other ones. I want it to reflect what I like as a skateboarder. I think the shoe looks rad so far and that's what's most important to me.

When you were working on your shoe did they say “Hey, try this shoe”… “SURPRISE! Your names going to be on it”?
No. Alfonso worked with me on the shoe to make it exactly what I wanted. We still have a bit to go on the shoe, but it is coming along and looking sick!

I'm about to lock you in a closet for a few weeks, with creed on repeat any last words before your eminent death?!
Haha. Fuck! Yeah, I want to thank everyone that has helped me get where I am, especially my parents! Plus I just want to thank skateboarding for giving me the opportunity to do what I love and be happy everyday!