What’s the craziest thing you've witnessed since you have moved out west?

When I moved in with the Kinship dudes in South Central (LA), one night we were all chilling, everyone was pretty tired from skating, so everyone went to bed. I was living in the living room at the time, and I was lying on the couch in the dark just trying to fall asleep. I kept hearing people argue I just thought it was my roommate and his girl, turns out it wasn’t. So I opened my eyes and there was flashing lights outside, I was so confused cause it was like 3 am. So I look outside and see a dude with a bandana over his face pointing a gun at some dude in the middle of the street. The guy was on his hands and knees like begging for his life it was life-changing man. I rushed to my homies rooms and they were too busy to come out, but finally I banged on there door and was like " dude come out here someone has a gun to there head in the road " we all rushed to the living room and the dude was still there and we were freaking out pretty bad not knowing what to do. We walked away from the window and then like 5 seconds later the street was clear, no gun shots nothing,It was gnarly. Living in South Central was pretty gnarly; we would get water bottles thrown at us for skating down the street and stuff. All the little kids were always at our house trying to skate it was rad.

Also there was this one time we went on a trip to some rail in San Berndino (CA), we had just gotten tricks at this spot all hyped about to go home; as we were leaving I hopped over the fence and started walking towards the car and these three guys came towards me and were like " yo do you know where you are homie?" I was confused and didn’t know what to say. He came over to me got in my face and was telling me to give him my board so I handed it over and his homie was like "come on lets get out of here". He wasn’t satisfied I guess and told me and my homies to get up against the fence and empty our pockets. I was freaking out cause he was still in my face at this point. My homies were like Na screw that and started skating. I had no board so I booked it quickly and was praying I didn’t hear a gun shot or anything. A random dude drove up in a lifted truck and told me "get in the truck we are goanna get your shit back". I was still super startled and said “no”. He stormed back and like got my stuff back and the cops came and asked if I wanted to press charges. I saw the cops throw the dude up against the fence it was sick, just like in the movies haha.

I hear you recently made the move from LA to SD. Seems a bit backwards. What made you up and leave LA?

Dude honestly I was just getting over it. I took a few SD trips before I made the move, safe to say I’m so much more down for SD. Reminds me of being back on the east coast. It's Pretty good, my girl is here and I’ve met a bunch of sick ass people. Its been rad.

Don't blame you. What’s the biggest difference between the two?

Skating is a lot different and the spots! You can skate so much on the weekdays.

What do you do out west for a living?

I actually just got a job as a busser, at this bar/club in downtown called "Bang Bang" My homies hooked it up. No more living off ebt.

What was it like filming for the kinship video?

So rad, I got to experience so much with those dudes. We had some great ass times. I got really lucky and got a paid ticket to go to Cincinnati for 3 weeks over the summer. That was really sick, skated some of the sickest spots.

What really pushed you to quit Krooked program?

Well I was skating with my friend Justice Ott a lot when I first moved out to California, and Justice was pretty in touch with those Crailtap dudes cause he was interning for girl to film for “Pretty Sweet”. Weeks go by and I broke my hand and had to move home. I spent 5-6 months back home and finally made my way back out west. Guy (Mariano) told me to hit him up whenever I wanted to skate, so I hit him up and he invited me to this Lakai thing at Biebels Park. Apparently he had watched my part in "Down n Dirty" and showed some of the dudes at the park, and told me to hit him up cause he'd like to help me out. It was crazy. So I hit up Darin and pretty much asked what to do. There were no hard feelings or anything; those dudes at DLX (Distribution) are the sickest people.

It must really be hard to say no to a legend like Guy Mariano, has he tried to contact you recently?

Haha yeah its pretty unreal to even think that it happened the way it did. It was such an honor meeting all the dudes from Girl skateboards. Fucking legends.

I haven’t heard from Guy in a long time, when I was living in LA I would ask him where spots were from time to time or like to skate the park.

You ever think about contacting Team manager at Krooked like things didn't work out accordingly is there anyway we could work something out?

I dont know man It just didn’t feel right at all. So I kept skating and using my homies old workshop boards, which led to me eventually sending my footage to Chad at AWS.

What companies are helping you out currently ?

HUF is holding it down keeping my feet nice. I get stance socks from time to time, The dudes at DLX still send me thunder and Spitfire wheels which is awesome. Then Chad at AWS had been sending me boards

What do you have planned for the near future?

I'm working on this part for ride channel but really haven’t heard much, Just been skating my ass off I hope people like it. April 4th going to Arizona for the Happy Medium 3 premiere so stoked to be able to see it live and not on the Internet like the first 2 videos. Then gonna shred with the homies all weekend in Arizona.

Sick! Looking forward to the ride channel video part. Any last words?

Yes, Thanks to everyone who supports me!