Lucas Beaufort is a thirty three year old French artist who has been skating since he was 6 years old and currently resides in Cannes, France.  His mother was a painter, so it runs in the family!  Tim Gavin took liking to his art and contacted Lucas recently to be a brand ambassador of Filament Footwear.  Thanks to Lucas’s love for art, skateboarding, family ties, and Filament, our eyes will be forever blessed with aesthetically pleasing monsters & creativity!  Enjoy.

A collaboration I did with Co&Jo. This unique surfboard was shaped by Naje Ckinnep.

02 - Cardiel Cover.jpg

Slider is a Japanese Skateboard Mag. I purchased it when I was in Tokyo April 13th and painted on this amazing cover that the legend John Cardiel graces.

This photo was shot by Kyle Ford, who is an amazing photographer from the US.  I just LOVE this pic, so pure.

Sugar is a French Skateboard Mag, I thought this particular cover was sick. The monsters that I drew on it could be your homies chilling while Paul Hart is killing it!  

This photo was shot by Oliver Barton, who happens to be one of my favorite photographers! When I saw this pic I contacted Barton and asked him to send me the high-resolution file.  I mean this photo is just perfect and Tyler Bledsoe is just the MAN, so I had to make something of it!

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