This is the 12th and final day of 12 Days of Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!!! Use this video for a hint to vicinity of where the Sloppy Santa stickers are posted. Once you find a sticker take a photo and post it to Instagram with the tag/hashtag @sloppydays.

MAJOR HINT: There are 8 stickers posted throughout the vicinity of the video hint (3 Sloppy Santas, 2 Sloppydays heads, and 3 Round Sloppydays stickers)! I advise you to buddy-up to find the stickers because this one might be tough! This last box has more than enough prizes to go around for everyone! Please be safe out there and enjoy the scavenger hunt!

Stuntman: Sned456, Dan Jackson, Trey Hill, Jason Hawkes, Stephen Mullen, Nathan Ingram, Sketch, Neal Wood.

Music: Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Is Coming

Special Thanks: Kayo, Cardinal Skateshop, Huf, Glassy, Lakai, Oakley, and Bones Bearings

Artwork by: Bryan Woodland!!!