Jevan's vacation:

This is the second installment of checking in with John Evans, the man behind the lens. The cool thing about John, is that you can call him at 12 am and ask him to a light up a spot and film a trick that you think you might be able to land in 200 tries! He will leave his house with 4 things: a generator, camera bag, shorts, and a hoodie, and won’t complain. People like John are always a pleasure to film with, to say the least. This montage features some footage that might not make it into the follow up of his first video “Down and Dirty”, which was a 30-minute long video, full of hammers! The new video, which is still a working title, will be released sometime in 2014! Until then we will continue to check in with Jevans and bring you exclusive footage.

Features: Colin Crockett, Kevin Love, Drew Hanner, Wells Shaw, Chris Wimer, Ronnie Kessener, Blake Scott, Cory Huber, Chris Mentlik, Jon Hartley, Jake Bianco, Justin Ackers, Nick White, Mitch Tripplet, and Isiah Rodriguez

Song: Modest Mouse – Mice Eat Cheese