The biggest enigma about John Evans "Jevans" is how does one contribute, so much good footage and work on a full length video? Watch this montage and you will see not only is he out during the day he's out all night!

If this is just the "left overs" for "Into the Wild", which will premiere June 21st 2014; Then someone's eyes is going to melt off their face at the premiere.

Hope you enjoy this second installment of "Jevans Vacation".

Collin Crockett, Caleb Shank, Allen Beers, Corey Huber, Isaiah Rodriguez, Jake Bianco, Kinser Cathey, Jake Bianco, John Pankus, David Doub, Wells Shaw, Thomas Dritsas, Steven Waldecker, Chase Norman, Mitch Triplett, Chris Wimer, Mark Goddard, Neil Herrick, Matt Bullinger, Giorgio Villone, Matt Bullinger, Kwesi Holloway, Nick Brown, Kwesi Holloway, Justin Ackers, Brighton Stockard, Sean Evans

Song: The United States of America - Coming Down

Filmed by: Jevans