Sloppy Days Presents - Templeton Elliott "The Templeton Trail"

Templeton Elliott of Mostlyskateboarding has decided to make the move back out west, but this time to Portland Oregon (The Templeton Trail). For those of you that think he is just a computer that sends links out to the world of skateboarding think again! Temp has been a catalyst to skateboarding for years and has inspired many, really a true "weekend warrior" in all aspects. I mean the guy would call or text me the night before to set up a 7am session to go skate around the city and be finished skating by 2pm to continue on with his other activities (Hiking, traveling, blogging, husband, handyman, a dad to a cat; the list goes on). Without further ado we present a part we both had no clue he was filming for. Special thanks to early mornings and his self-motivation. Safe travels Temp its been a pleasure skating and shooting the shit with you!

Featuring: Tempelton Elliott W/ Guests Sketch, Brendan Ash, & Neal Wood


Cash Money Millionaires - Project Bit*h

Photo: Howard Tarpey

Graphics: Bryan Woodland